Massaging infants

» Posted by on Jun 1, 2009 in The Whys about Spa Treatments | 0 comments

      There is no minimum or maximum age for massage. Last year I took an infant massage class from Rosemary Manning. It was fantastic.
      My friend’s little one was squirmy, but seemed so appreciative of the body work.
We switched off between working on Clarke and working on the doll. The doll helped us become adept at the strokes, while working on Clarke allowed us to see how a baby is not to just stay still.
      It’s wonderful to introduce children of all ages to healthy touch. Infants can easily get their first massages out of the bath while lotion is applied. It is just as relaxing for them as it is for adults. Think about how much they are using those tiny muscles to sit up, crawl, and hold that sippy cup.

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