Feet deserve attention

» Posted by on Jul 24, 2009 in The Whys about Spa Treatments | 0 comments

        People often forget about taking care of their feet. But just think about how much we ask them to do. Think about the weight they carry. Think about the shoes we put them in.
       Pedicures are a wonderful way of keeping feet in top condition. Yes, even for men. The nail polish is the icing on the cake and is only a minor part of the whole pedicure.
       Spas also offer foot treatments … as do I.
       My 30-minute foot treatments begin with warm, moist towels, then a scrub is applied and then each foot is massaged with a peppermint cream.
       It’s almost decadent. Still, the benefits are wonderful. People’s feet are often as soft as a baby’s after the treatment.
      Combining a foot treatment with a massage is a wonderful way to take care of your whole body.

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