Walk for your health

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      Blood pressure can escalate because of a number of factors. Two easy ways to start getting it to move into the other direction are by walking a half mile every day and eating healthier foods.
      Take a canvas bag (no need to fill landfills with more plastic ones) and pick-up a few items for dinner each night from the grocery store.
     Walk to the drycleaners.
     Walk the dog.
     Walk with your kids to the ball fields.
     Walk with your significant other after dinner.
     I did my errands on foot this morning — went to the bank, video store and massage office.                    

     Don’t let bad weather deter you. Gyms have treadmills. Malls have plenty of covered walking terrain.
    Don’t drastically alter your diet because you won’t stick with. Star with changing your fiber to whole grains. Do this with breads and pasta. Try baking with a mix of white and whole wheat flour.
Then go get your blood pressure checked again.

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