Locally grown food is the best for you

» Posted by on Aug 5, 2009 in What You Consume Matters | 0 comments

Farmers’ markets are such a wonderful place to shop for local produce. With the climate in Tahoe, ours is seasonal – June-October. Growers from as far as Fresno come to sell their produce.
The Tuesday event draws hundreds, if not thousands, of locals and tourists. It proves we crave fresh produce.
More and more restaurants – here and most elsewhere – are trying to buy from local growers. When you think about how many miles produce travels to reach consumers – 1,500 in North America – it makes you wonder how long it’s been in a truck or on a ship before it’s in your kitchen.
Support your local farmers – or try to grow your own produce. At least then you know where it’s been and you can ask the grower if they use harmful pesticides.

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