Playing in the outdoors safely

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So many people are playing in the backcountry. But there is a lot to know to make sure there is a return trip. Learn about avalanche safety at this class in Tahoe City.

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Why eating locally matters

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Eating properly is such an important part of maintaining good health. But what to eat? Does it matter where the food comes from? This book will explain why eating locally — and locally can have a broad definition — is important.

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Exercise while at work

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So many people work at a computer all day. That is not a good thing for your body. This article on Lake Tahoe News talks about ways to exercise while you are at work.  

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Cooking with fresh herbs

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Fresh herbs can make a world of difference for most dishes. Read Lake Tahoe News for more about this topic.

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Potatoes are not your friend

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Potatoes come in many forms. But a current study says they aren’t so good for you. Read more on Lake Tahoe News.

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How to train for a triathlon

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By Gale Bernhardt, Training for a triathlon is easier than you might think—even if you currently have zero fitness. Yes, that’s right, with no current fitness you can be ready to do your first triathlon in only 12 weeks. And you don’t have to give up your life, or your bank account, to make it happen. Read the whole story

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