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Sunscreens not all created equally

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By Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle The sunblock slathered all over the pale hordes gallivanting on the beach this Memorial Day weekend may not protect skin from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation, an environmental watchdog group warned this week. More than half of the sunscreens on the market do not provide adequate UVA protection, and many of them actually contain hazardous ingredients, according to an analysis of 292 national brands and 1,700 products by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group, based in Washington. The problem, the group’s researchers said, is that the sunscreen industry has taken advantage of lax federal regulations and allowed a marketing Wild West to develop. Many products with high sun-protection factor, or SPF, ratings contain bad ingredients, and companies use unsubstantiated claims about their effectiveness to market them, the group said. Read the whole...

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Staying safe in the outdoors

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Being safe in the outdoors is important. Here is information about a book on wilderness first aid.

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Alternatives to prevent bug bites

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The following info is from you can’t stand the smell of DEET or citronella candles, try the natural bug-bite deterrent suggestions from Chinese doctor and author Maoshing Ni. In his book “Secrets of Self-Healing”, he recommends a three-pronged approach of clothing, diet and essential oils. 3 Bug-Be-Gone Strategies Use these chemical-free strategies on your next camping trip, backwoods hike, or neighborhood barbecue: Nix the Hawaiian shirt. Brightly colored floral patterns on clothing may actually fool bees and other bugs into thinking you’re a flower. So can smelling like a flower, so skip the perfume. Wear neutral-colored, protective clothing and scent-free soaps and lotions. Eat garlic. Garlic and other strong foods, like onions, might make you less tasty to biting insects. Watch this video for tips on how to buy, keep, and prepare garlic. Use essential oils. Natural insect repellents such as lemongrass, lavender, or eucalyptus can be mixed with water and used as a spray. (But be careful to avoid getting them in your eyes.) Already bit? Honey, cucumber skins, and tea tree oil can help soothe, detox, and quiet the itch or sting of...

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Water bottle filter

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     Staying hydrated is critical no matter what your level of physical activity. In Lake Tahoe, with a base elevation of 6,200 feet, it is even more imperative. Plus, the dry air creates an even greater need to consume water.     The H20 water bottle is one of the latest products to hit the market. Besides being environmentally correct by using a bottle over and over instead of buying water at a store, this one comes with a built in filter.     The manufacturers say it will get rid of chlorine, trihalomethanes and heavy metals. I haven’t tried the bottle. After all, what comes out of my tap in South Lake Tahoe is the best darn water I’ve tasted.     For more information, go to

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Wine – Good for your skin?

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Spas in Europe are doing more with wine grapes than letting them ferment. Wine wraps and crushed Cabernet scrubs are all the rage. It’s called vinotherapy. The theory is grape skins and seeds have antioxidant powers – a fact that people who drink and sell wine have professed for years. Now skin care experts are saying the same thing. Looking for more information, then check out these websites:, and If you don’t want to travel overseas, go to New York. Starting in October 2008 the Plaza Hotel will offer wine to sip and grapes for your...

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