The Whys about Spa Treatments

Facial treatments keep skin hydrated

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Facials are said to be the second most requested spa treatment after massage. Licensed aestheticians can do a whole array of treatments. Massage therapists can give massage facials. This is something I do. I offer 30 and 60 minute treatments. The benefits of any type of facial is that is cleanses the face. Usually an exfoliant is used. A good moisturizer is often the finally step. This combination and others lead to skin that is hydrated and nourished. Climates that are dry – like Lake Tahoe and the desert – tend to dry out people’s skin. People living in or visiting places like this should pay even more attention to their skin care needs . Facials are not just for women. Men’s skin is just as...

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Treatments vary throughout the world

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From the July 27, 2009, Newsweek article by Jacob Weisberg, “In his new book The Healing of America, the journalist T.R. Reid employs a clever device for surveying the world’s health systems: he takes an old shoulder injury to various countries. In the United States, a top orthopedist recommends joint replacement surgery, costing tens of thousands of dollars. In France and Germany, doctors steer him instead toward a regime of physical therapy. In Britain, they tell him to go home. In India, he is treated, quite effectively with herbs, massage and meditation.”

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Feet deserve attention

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        People often forget about taking care of their feet. But just think about how much we ask them to do. Think about the weight they carry. Think about the shoes we put them in.        Pedicures are a wonderful way of keeping feet in top condition. Yes, even for men. The nail polish is the icing on the cake and is only a minor part of the whole pedicure.        Spas also offer foot treatments … as do I.        My 30-minute foot treatments begin with warm, moist towels, then a scrub is applied and then each foot is massaged with a peppermint cream.        It’s almost decadent. Still, the benefits are wonderful. People’s feet are often as soft as a baby’s after the treatment.       Combining a foot treatment with a massage is a wonderful way to take care of your whole...

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Massaging infants

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      There is no minimum or maximum age for massage. Last year I took an infant massage class from Rosemary Manning. It was fantastic.       My friend’s little one was squirmy, but seemed so appreciative of the body work. We switched off between working on Clarke and working on the doll. The doll helped us become adept at the strokes, while working on Clarke allowed us to see how a baby is not to just stay still.       It’s wonderful to introduce children of all ages to healthy touch. Infants can easily get their first massages out of the bath while lotion is applied. It is just as relaxing for them as it is for adults. Think about how much they are using those tiny muscles to sit up, crawl, and hold that sippy...

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Range of Motion

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How important is it to you to play catch with your kids or fetch with your dog? That throwing arm, if it doesn’t have full range of motion, will impede those activities. Many people have decreased range of motion. This commonly occurs after an injury. Physical therapy and stretching are normal routines after an injury. But soon PT appointments stop and stretching is forgotten. I incorporate several stretches into my various modalities of massage. Shiatsu massage, which is a Japanese-based modality focusing on the body’s meridians, is filled with stretches. Stretching is also a big component of Thai massage. If you have decreased range of motion (neck, arms, legs are the biggies, but so is the back with bending), then seek out a certified massage therapist who knows something about increasing range of...

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