What You Consume Matters

Why eating locally matters

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Eating properly is such an important part of maintaining good health. But what to eat? Does it matter where the food comes from? This book will explain why eating locally — and locally can have a broad definition — is important.

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Cooking with fresh herbs

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Fresh herbs can make a world of difference for most dishes. Read Lake Tahoe News for more about this topic.

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Potatoes are not your friend

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Potatoes come in many forms. But a current study says they aren’t so good for you. Read more on Lake Tahoe News.

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Veggies are better than the sun

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According to the July/August AARP magazine, “The color you get from eating fruits and vegetable is more appealing than the color you get from the sun.” So, eating veggies is a better alternative than risking cancer from the sun.

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Apples are brain food

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In the May/June 2010 issue of Psychology Today there is an article about apples being the brain food. The story says apples because they are loaded with fiber and vitamin C they help promote digestive health and lower blood cholesterol.

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Choosing healthy snacks for kids

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Health officials say kids in elementary school should have a minimum of one healthy snack a day. The problem is that if the child is left to decide what to eat, it isn’t always nutritious. The American Dietetic Association suggests choosing a vegetable, fruit or grain. The other things to pay attention to are proteins and low-fat dairy items. Some ideas for snacks include whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, whole grain waffle with berries, celery sticks with pb and j or grilled cheese with tomatoes on whole wheat.

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