Traditional Massages

Which massage will you have?


Muscle tension lessens with soothing, firm strokes. Circulation is stimulated, kinks disappear and relaxation sets in. A non-perfumed cream will soften your skin, but not leave you feeling oily nor will it interact with any scents you have applied to your body.

60 minutes $80 ~ 90 minutes $120 ~ 120 minutes $160

Deep Tissue~

With the use of slow strokes, direct pressure and friction are applied across the grain of the muscles with fingers, thumbs and elbows. Chronic aches and pains are released by working the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue.

60 minutes $80 ~ 90 minutes $120 ~ 120 minutes $160

Sports ~

This technique is ideal for athletes in the warm-up, training or competition phase. It helps treat and/or aid in the prevention of injuries, improves mobility, range of motion, and performance, and aids in mental clarity. Deep massage strokes, compression and rocking reduce soreness caused by the build-up of lactic acid.

60 minutes $80 ~ 90 minutes $120 ~ 120 minutes $160

Precision ~

Sometimes a little pick-me-up is the answer to what ails you. This massage works out specific aches and pains in an isolated area, whether it’s neck and shoulders or quads and hamstrings or someplace else.

30 minutes $50