Which massage will you have?

Shiatsu Massage ~

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage similar to acupressure. Shiatsu means finger pressure. In addition to applying pressure, soft tissue is manipulated over and around meridians, along with passive and active stretches.

60 minutes $80 ~ 90 minutes $120

Prenatal Massage ~

Prenatal, or pregnancy, massage uses gentle techniques to help alleviate ailments associated with pregnancy such as lower back, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, joint tenderness, and stretch marks. Using pillows for support, moms-to-be will be in a constant state of comfort.

60 minutes $80 ~ 90 minutes $120

Radiant Facial Massage~

All-natural, herbal products are used to cleanse, exfoliate and tone. Specialized massage techniques rejuvenate, increase firmness and help restore elasticity. Increasing circulation and eliminating toxins leaves skin beautiful, healthy and glowing.

30 minutes $50 ~ 60 minutes $80

Nourishing Foot Treatment ~

Your feet will feel softer than they have in years after they are scrubbed and then massaged with a special peppermint cream. This is great by itself, but is perfect when combined with a full body massage.

30 minutes $50

Smoothing Body Scrub ~

Using nature’s choice for exfoliation, salt scrubs gently remove dead skin to begin the cell renewal process and leaves your body baby soft.

30 minutes $50 ~ 60 minutes $80